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Our teachers are trailblazers in education!

Mr. Jim Reynolds

Middle school principal, Bible, Math, Entrepreneurship, Accounting - these are just a few of the things Mr. Jim Reynolds has his hands in at Decatur Christian School. He spent the first half of his career as an accountant. Realizing that God was calling him to teach, he joined us at DCS and began changing lives. Mr. Reynolds pushes our students every day to be the best versions of themselves, and to learn the joys of business ownership. Students that work with him through Blü Brew know he encourages them to be entrepreneurs and well-rounded individuals when they leave the halls of DCS. 

Mrs. Jackie Lane

Kindergarten teacher and elementary school principal Mrs. Jackie Lane. Jackie began teaching at Decatur Christian School in the fall of 2016.  Mrs. Lane also teaches STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with agriculture (AG) integrated into it for the 3rd-5th graders. STEM allows for creativity and the children are able to learn about so many things about agriculture trades that could be a part of some of the students future careers. She hopes to be able to continue to grow the program at DCS and create an AG chapter at DCS!

Mrs. Lisa Rashe

English, Science, Drama, and Keyboarding are just a few of the classes Mrs. Lisa Rasche teaches. She also is one of the coaches for First Lego League at Decatur Christian School. Mrs. Rasche is always looking for new opportunities that go far beyond the classroom for her students. First Lego League creates opportunities for students to learn skills such as computers, coding, problem solving, and teamwork that are not only extremely helpful as a child, but will provide them with an amazing foundation to be successful in the working world.

Mrs. Michelle Bayless

Decatur Christian School strives to educate the mind of the students, impact their hearts, and help change the world and with that concept in mind, Soul Purpose was created. Meet Mrs. Michelle Bayless who teaches our secondary science classes as well as leads our Soul Purpose ministry group. Soul Purpose is a ministry group that the students of DCS can join. Every year looks a bit different as Mrs. Bayless focuses on letting the students lead the group while she help facilitates, and the shape of Soul Purpose forms as the students come together with their own ideas and talents.

Mrs. Lisa Rasche

Mrs. Lisa Rasche impacts so many children that attend Decatur Christian School. She has her hands in science, English, drama, coaching Lego League, and so much more. After learning so much from her son who did some experiments for NASA in college, Mrs. Rasche's interest peaked on the subject of space and science . She was able to connect DCS with different opportunities with space programs such as naming one of NASAs rovers and participating in an ongoing experiment with the Canadian Space Agency and Heinz. She is always looking for new opportunities to provide to her students where the outcome is something so much bigger than the average science class assignment. 

Mrs. Michelle Bayless

Teaching Secondary Science at Decatur Christian School covers so much than just Chemistry. Meet Mrs. Michelle Bayless who brings Chemistry, Marine Biology, Health, Physical Science, and Forensic Science education to the students here. She started off at DCS volunteering and helping out in the cafeteria about 15 years ago and has transitioned to the role as the Secondary Science teacher for the last 8 years. Students soak up their information from their textbooks and then have the ability to experience what they are learning in class by activities around the classroom such as caring for their saltwater tank. Mrs. Bayless is teaching science with a curriculum that keeps the children enticed in their daily teachings. 

Mr. Joe Braun

Mr. Braun is the IT director for Decatur Christian School.  He is also an instructor for several STEM classes, covering topics like Arduino, 3D CAD and 3D CAD Printing, Fusion 360, JAVA, Website Design, and First Tech Challenge. He plays a crucial role in the success of our First Tech Challenge robotics team, offering guidance and coaching to students as they delve into the world of robotics. Students enjoy exploring these exciting courses designed for those who are passionate about computers, electronics, and robotics. Students dive into hands-on activities that will sharpen coding skills, ignite problem-solving prowess, and foster a collaborative team spirit. Not only are these skills beneficial during their formative years, but they also lay a strong foundation for their future success in the professional world.

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