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When it comes to private education, you can't go wrong choosing Decatur Christian School. Established in 1973, we've got over 50 years of experience in providing a personalized caring learning environment built on biblical Christian principles. We boldly stand by our quality and service in caring for students and their families in pursuit of excellence in education at all grade levels. 


Becoming a Warrior

1. Complete your application

Complete an online application today! Visit the link below.

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2. Take a tour

Upon receipt of your application, our team will schedule a tour of the school and an interview with one of our principals.

3. Become a Warrior!

Complete all enrollment forms and pay fees. Congratulations! Your student is now a Decatur Christian School Warrior!

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Scholarship and Aid

Up to $650 tuition scholarship for new families that are interested in Decatur Christian School.

Multi-Student Discount is based upon the oldest child being listed as 1st child. 

Discounts are applied to full-time, non-preschool students only.

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